Around The World Canitrail Challenge

Around the World Canitrail Challenge….join us just before the summer break and run/ walk every day or just one day from May 30th till June 3rd with your dog(s) as many kilometers as possible to cover the 40,008km around the world❤

*You can run or walk a long distance every day.

*You can canitrail every other day or just once.

* All kilometers count 🙂

Invite all your fury friends around the world to join 🙂

What do I have to do to join this free Challenge:
1. You can register in the Excel document on Google Drive. Fill in Name handler, Name dog(s), Country you live
2. You join the Natte Neuzen Trail Commmunity to share all pictures, stories and adventures during the 5 day challenge
3. On Friday May 29th we share your personalized BIB number in the Natte Neuzen Trail Community.
4. On Saturday 30th at 08:00 o’clock (Dutch Time) the Challenge will start LIVE on Facebook in our Community.
5. After your run or walk you fill in the total kilometers next to your name and under the day.Write  the kilometers as follows:
– 8 instead of 8km
– 8.3 instead of 8,3
6. Than you share your kilometers and pictures in the Natte Neuzen Trail Community, because we just love to see where you ran/ walked.
7. After the Challenge you recieve online in the Facebook Community your virtual medal with the amount of kilometers you have run/walked in total.

Personalized Medal
Would you like to receive a wooden personalized medal for real by post, you can order it from Wednesday June3rd till June 10th. Costs handmade medal with the total amount of kilometers you ran/walked with a 3D tripod are €7,50 excluding shipping costs to send it outside The Netherlands.

Link to Google Drive:
Link to Natte Neuzen Trail Community:

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Solo Canitrail ‘T Leesten

Solo Canitrail Uffelte 15km

Solo Canitrail Uffelte 10km